Christ University STAR 555 PG Refund Policy

Star 555 Hostels Refund Policy

Refund of Hostel Fee (After adjusting dues for days of actual stay) if any may be permitted subject to a minimum additional deduction of GST paid to authorities, Application processing fees and Hostel Bed Blocking charges. However, no refund shall be made if the withdrawal is after 15th August 2022. Please refer Appendix A for additional details

Reason for Refund Deduction Refund in percentage
Withdrawn application from Christ University 50% 50%
Moved to another Christ University Campus 25% 75%
Students moved to Christ University Hostel 25% 75%
Moved out of hostel due to personal reasons before 15th August'22 50% 50%
Moved out of hostel due to personal reasons after 15th August'22 100% NA
Details required to process Refund
Provide the following information to the hostel administration - 1) Cancellation request form, 2) Admission cancellation confirmation from university and 3) refund confirmation Christ university
Refund will be processed within 10 days business only post completing the step 1
All refund payments are subjected to the sole descretion of hostel management

Note :
Hostel Management holds the right to expel students from hostel on disciplinary grounds; such students will not be
eligible for refunds
Refund policy is subject to change with the sole descretion of Hostel Management
Refunds are subject to eligibility