About Us

Who We Are

Star 555 PG launched its premium ladies PG in the year 2011 with an intake capacity of 87 members.  Subsequently, in 2013 it reached a capacity of 97 members.

Our mission is to provide excellent hospitality services, with a hygienic environment and quality food.  We have been successful in doing this and has expanded from 1 building to 5 buildings with an intake capacity of 410 residents as of now.

Our facilities include PG accommodation for both boys and girls maintained separately consisting of single, double, three, four, and five sharing rooms.

We have been able to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the students as well as all other residents.  Our team members at STAR 555 has been able to provide extended support 24 X 7 for which we are very much grateful to them.

Our vision is to provide a lot more of other facilities to improve the hospitality environment of our PG.


We are equipped and licensed by all the licensing bodies of the state government including that of BBMP, FOOD, AND SAFETY, etc and have been renewing it from time to time as needed.  We are also registered as per GST rules and has been filing the GST returns on time.