Facility & Services

Hostel Facility & Services

24 Hours Security services

  • Round the clock security is on duty for all the PG buildings and is presently operated by PANTUAL SECURITY SYSTEMS Bengaluru.

Study or Common Hall

  • A study or common hall is provided in every PG facility for daily activities.

Drinking Water

  • Aqua natural RO purifier is installed in every PG facility for providing purified drinking water for our inmates.  Regular cleaning and servicing of the machine are conducted by the service department of the concerned company at regular intervals without fail.

Hot Water Facility

  • All hostel buildings are equipped with solar water heaters providing the 24-hour hot water facility to our inmates.


  • CCTV cameras are installed in all of our PG campuses giving access to the footage on our mobile phone to keep track of the security measures without fail.  The footage is also recorded in the storage device connected to our server room for future references.


  • WiFi facility is provided in all campuses from internet service providers like the ACT and BSNL.

24 Hours Security Services

  • Round the clock security is on duty for all the PG buildings and is presently operated by PANTUAL SECURITY SYSTEMS Bengaluru.

Lockers and Cupboard

  • An individual locker with a cupboard and table with a chair is provided for every resident.

Fire and Safety

  • We adhere to the fire and safety protocol from the department without fail in order to ensure the complete safety of our inmates.

Transportation Facility

  • Star 555 PG provides transportation for the residents from and to the campus (with extra payment).  The transport schedule and timings are finalized after discussing it with the concerned personnel of the institution.
  • We also assist our residents to obtain daily bus passes from BMTC Yeshwanthpur bus station.  Free transportation for parents to visit our hostel facility is arranged in the campus during admission time.
  • We also provide transport facilities to our residents during special occasions, events, and programs conducted by the institution.

Food and Culinary

  • Both South Indian, as well as North Indian dishes, are provided from our kitchen maintained by professional cooks assisted by helpers and servers.  We maintain an open kitchen which gives clear visibility to our residents in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Serving includes breakfast, lunch box system, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. The residents get the privilege to carry their lunch box from our kitchen which would be made available in the morning itself.
  • Breakfast also includes milk and coffee.
  • Lunch includes chapati, rice, sabji combo (Lunch box facility is available)
  • Evening snacks with tea and milk.
  • A cup of coffee or tea at night time during examinations to boost the memory of the students.
  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian special dishes would be served twice a week and egg meals would be served 5 times a week.
  • The menu has been designed from the suggestions collected from our inmates keeping in mind that it satisfies everyone’s needs.
  • We have been efficiently managing food for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.  Extreme care has been taken to cook and serve food separately for vegetarians and non-vegetarians as we value religious moralities.

Washing Machine

  • The washing machine is provided on every floor for laundry purposes and is assisted by caretakers in this regard.  A manual washing facility and drying area are also provided. The residents are also permitted to use an iron box in rooms.

Power Backup / Generator

  • Every hostel building is provided with power backup to assist in case of unexpected power failures.

Housekeeping / Plumbing / Electrical Services

  • The hostel is managed by a hostel warden and has housekeeping staff assisting in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene on a daily basis.  Pest control is also done by a certified agency periodically.  Electrical and plumbing services are available round the clock for assistance.

Recreational Facility

  • The PG is equipped with facilities for recreation including indoor and outdoor games, TV, etc.

Health Services

  • “HEALTH IS WEALTH”, and therefore we keep our environment clean and hygienic on a daily basis. We are attached to the nearby healthcare facility and the college coordinator / residential warden assist during medical emergencies by shifting the patient to the nearest hospital, which will also be notified to the university authorities.  First aid kit is always available in the hostel office room that can be utilized by the residents in case of primary care.

Additional Services

  • Microwave oven would be provided to every hostel for a common purpose and also for personal use for residents starting from 2018-19.

Register Maintenance

A photograph with ID copy of the resident as well as parent and duly filled application form is maintained for all the residents at the time of admission.  Registers are maintained for all the residents of our PG facility.  Registers include.

  • Application/admission form along with photograph and ID copies
  • Admission register
  • Incoming and outgoing register
  • Visitors register
  • Parents visiting register
  • Daily attendance register
  • Suggestions and complaint register
  • Staff attendance register

Hostel warden is in-charge of taking daily attendance of the residents at night time on a daily basis without fail.

Staff Management

  • Hostel manager
  • Accountant
  • Supervisors
  • Hostel Warden / University residential warden
  • Caretakers
  • Housekeeping
  • Mess staff
  • Securities
  • Drivers

Periodical meetings of all staff members are conducted chairing the residential warden to discuss the overall performance and up-gradation of the facilities if needed.